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Fitness & Trainers

Owenhouse Cycling is the first place to shop for high quality fitness equipment. If you are planning on making a home gym or just looking for a few compact weights we can help set you up for success!

Upright Bikes
Exercise bikes offer a great workout experience in a small package. Upright bikes take up the least amount of floor space of all the fitness equipment. They offer mapped exercise programs with variable training resistances. Strength, endurance and fat burning programs are a few of the programs which are included with an upright bike. Our quality brands include BodyGuard and BH Fitness.

Stationary Trainers
Trainers are a great, low cost alternative to an upright exercise bike that allow you to ride your own bike indoors. We carry Blackburn and CycleOps bike trainers and accessories.

Recumbent Bikes
Recumbent fitness bikes offer the same benefits as a upright exercise bike, but with the ability to work out while in a comfortable seated position. The seated recumbent position relieves stresses on the back and neck that can be normally associated with upright bikes. While in a seated, reclined position a person can exercise longer than in an upright position. We carry recumbent bikes from BodyGuard Fitness.

Total Body Trainers / Ellipticals
Total body trainers, also known as ellipticals, offer a full body workout with a smooth stride. This smooth exercise offers a non-impact training for a even full body workout. The variable resistance training programs offer specific timed workouts to meet all your fitness needs. We carry ellipticals from BH Fitness.

Running is a great natural exercise which offers benefits from increased strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Treadmills offer the platform to run continuously inside even when the weather turns poor. We carry treadmills from BodyGuard Fitness.

Round out your total fitness plan with accessories from GoFit such as body balls, stretch tubes, hand weights, mats, and more!

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